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East Coast Truck Division Warranty


Because MOST of our trucks come with warranty!

While we at East Coast Truck and Bus Centre take much time and pride in the preparation of your truck before it leaves us, it should be remembered it is a second-hand used vehicle and not a new item.

You should have had the vehicle checked prior to purchase to establish its condition and mechanical state, that it suits the purpose it was purchased for and that it will be able to be operated legally and properly, wherever you intend using it.

Please take the time to read and understand the following conditions affecting this Warranty:


East Coast Truck and Bus Centre will assist with repair costs of "roadworthy" items for 30 days from the date of delivery.

Any "major" repairs, not associated with RWC, will be covered on a 50 - 50 basis for thirty (30) days from the date of delivery.

"Major" could be construed as engine, gearbox, diff etc. We will cover "simple" items, at reasonable costs, (most of the time), if the vehicle is returned to these premises within the 30 days.

East Coast Truck and Bus Centre warrants its vehicles, in their original cab chassis form only, for the period specified and will not be held responsible or liable for any additions, alterations, upgrades, ongoing servicing, inclusions, changes of legislation or OH&S requirements and or errors made in selection at time of purchase.


This Warranty does not include towing costs, paint work, body work, rattles, squeaks, head lights, wheel alignments, batteries, tyres, windscreens, radiator hoses, air bags, radios, CD players, cassette players, air conditioning (unless installed by East Coast), after market items, accessories and normal serviceable items.

Incidental costs and consequential damages are not covered. It is the owner's responsibility to return the vehicle at the owner's expense to one of the East Coast Commercial group's approved workshops.

Repairs will be carried out in one of our approved workshops, unless permission is given to do otherwise.


Co-contributions for 50 / 50 work and any additions, extras or additional mechanical or service work must be paid for before vehicles leave the premises. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted (conditions apply) or direct deposit.


When vehicles will need to be registered away from these premises, should any "roadworthy" item fail its mechanical check by the relevant State Government Transport Department, or equivalent, East Coast Commercials agrees to assist withthe cost of making good the defect, at a cost at least comparable with what might be achieved should repairs be sourced locally or in-house. To take advantage of this provision, registration must take place within two months of purchase.

Defected items will be repaired only where a defect notice is issued. A copy of the notice must accompany any claim. East Coast reserves the right to seek second opinions of defects and may require replaced parts be freighted here before payment is made.

It should be noted that a defect does not constitute items such as exhaust placement, lighting, protective equipment, mud flaps, etc., which may vary from state to state, or modifications approved in Queensland.

Only "defected" items will be compensated and no other (unless by prior arrangement), after written quotes have been provided and agreement is reached as in what form and for what amount compensation is to be paid.

No other work should be attached to any quote or request for assistance, other than that associated with defected items.

No work undertaken without a written quote will be authorised.

"Paid" invoices, showing what work was undertaken, should accompany any request for after sales assistance. Only items approved as necessary to be repaired, as part of your claim, should be included.

East Coast will recompense you, to the level agreed between the parties, after being supplied with your GST invoice. We do not accept invoices from repairers addressed to East Coast.


Wear and tear, misuse or damage occasioned in the use of any inclusion renders any warranty void.


Any work undertaken by third party repairers MUST be quoted in writing writing and providing it is at approximately the pricing which East Coast would normally incur (parts and labour) in-house, repairs will be authorised.


We will fit parts to a comparable quality with those on the vehicle, should after sales repairs require replacement of those items, which may be either new or second-hand.

You may opt to upgrade your repair, at your cost, should it be possible and practicable.

It is the wholly and solely the buyer's responsibility to ascertain that any inclusions whatsoever, that diverge from the original cab chassis design, perform as they were designed to do, suit the purpose of purchase and that those inclusions meet with any regulations that apply to that purpose and the States regulations, before operating them.


NOTE: Your vehicle may have had its wheels removed for paint and or mechanical reasons and paint thickness or consistency will vary with heat from braking.

Attached to your windscreen is a sticker which reminds you to check your wheel nuts every 100 kms after leaving these premises, until they remain consistent with manufacturers' settings. It will take only a few minutes.

Failure to perform this check will void this Warranty and could result in loss of income and or your life.


Many of our vehicles have some portion of the original manufacturer's factory-backed warranty applicable. We will advise you, at time of purchase, of the remaining period.


Under the OHS Act, Plant Regulations, there is a requirement for the Plant owner or employer to exercise a duty of care in using and maintaining safe Plant machinery. Owners of Plant machinery have an obligation under the law to complete their own Risk Assessment and Risk Control program and provide employee training and safe operating information.

I understand as the owner/operator it is my responsibility (if applicable) to be fully licensed and trained in the operation of all or any fitments and attachments, hydraulic or otherwise.


12 Month and two-year extended warranties are available for purchase.

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